Surf and Turf Therapy

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"Hippotherapy"... is not therapy with hippos! The Greek word, "hippos", actually means "horses". Hippotherapy is "the use of horseback riding for therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment, especially as a means to improve coordination, balance, and strength. For example, during hippotherapy a person with cerebral palsy, or similar issue, can benefit from trying to maintain balance in response to a horse's motion."

This was the first time I really experienced hippotherapy as I got in there close with my lens. It is amazingly simple, and fun! Just the pure motion of being on the horse strengthens the core and other muscles while the child just enjoys the ride. It is brilliant! The therapists change the rider's position (sideways, backwards, one knee up, standing, etc.) to work these different muscles. I have to hand it to Jillian Stewart and the volunteers over at Surf and Turf Therapy as they love on these lucky children. See

I was honored to deliver equine photos for their use for their fundraiser and marketing purposes. What a great program! Now I need to get down to the beach and photograph the surfing side of this therapy!

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