Dine' We Can

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"Dine'" is the word that Navajo People call themselves. It literally means "The People". "Dine' We Can" is what Claudia Jackson calls her Non Profit Movement to bring hope and health to her people. I met Claudia on our Project Bike Love Bike Mission. I was so taken by her and ALL she is doing to help her community that I yearned to go back and photograph her. (Previous trips had been all about PBL.) Finally, this last week, she said she was ready to be photographed and I jumped on the opportunity, quick before it got too hot out there! I spent a day with Claudia, photographing her in her tiny bike shop (see above), on her property with her family's sheep, at the elementary school, on the bike, working in the shop, and connecting with the land. It was an honor to be a part of her hopes and dreams. She can use her photos for whatever PR she needs, and hopefully I will come up with a couple writers to collaborate with and pitch her story!

Check out what Claudia is up to:

*9 years ago Claudia partnered with the Nation Council to create the annual "Sih Hasin Bike Ride", a 300 mile bike ride for kids and families across the reservation, in the middle of the hot summer! They finish in Window Rock where they bring messages of hope and health to the Nation Council. See

*Claudia created a Girl Scout troop, reaching young girls and their families through inspirational activities. It was through the Girl Scouts that Claudia was able to secure bike donations for each of the girls and their moms!

*With the bike donations came Claudia's "Friday Girl Rides" and Family rides where she leads group rides on cow trails around her community.

*Some kids have become really good riders, so Claudia created a race team. She currently has 7 racers that tour with the NICA Bike races in MBAA. How cool to see these kids take it to the next level.

*Claudia also offers a "Build a bike/Earn a bike" program at her little shop where kids can come fix or build bikes to keep!

*Did you also know that Claudia has been a member of the local school board for 7 years???

*And finally, Claudia is getting funding to build a bike park (or pump track) to be built adjacent to the Indian Wells Elementary School. Then EVERY kid could be out and riding!

This is a woman worth supporting, and I hope my photos can help her on her way.

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