And we begin... again.

Updated: Jun 21

For a year now I have been exploring different avenues in Photography. I came from a different world of film and commercial work in the 80's, to a world of instant social media, brand pitches, and the boutique business model. The Photography World is upside down and inside out from how I remember it, but it is still about making good images. It has taken me awhile to explore the old roads and experiment with the new. It has been a fun journey of soul searching, self-exploration, and surrender. I have had to ask myself things like, "What niche excites me?", "Who is paying decently?", "Does this fit with the vision for my family?", "Do I want to re-locate?", and "Will this work with my older (but wiser) body?" Maybe I love to shoot one thing, but there is no market for that anymore. Maybe I want to travel, but staying around home might work better in this season. And do I really want to get a water housing to shoot surfing at this age?

There has been a lot of surrender as I come to terms with who I am compared to who I was 30 years ago. I couldn't just jump back in where I was. I had to reel it in to be content with something that will sustain me for my later years. And I have found just the thing! Portraiture can be a wide-open niche. It includes anything from Children's Portraits to Action Portraits. It can include animals and environments, or it can be just part of a face. We can do infinite things with portraiture, and I am excited to see where it takes me. I'm ready to get out there and see where portraiture takes me.

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