UC Santa Barbara

Grand Prize Honors in Photo 


Art Center College of Design

Photo Emphasis

South Orange County Portrait Artist 



     I am Jody Marcon, and I love photographing you doing your thing.  What is your thing?  What makes you shine?  I love to illustrate authentic portraits of you being honest with who you are.  I am excited to create amazing portraits that will make statements on the wall.  I want to create art that says, "That's ME!"  (Not "Who's that?)  I would love to learn your story!

     I come from a commercial background in the Action Sports Industry where I photographed action, lifestyle, and landscapes. I have also been teaching Art for 14 years.  (Art Masters, Art for Healing)  I take all of that experience and apply it to designing images of your unique lifestyle.  Together, we can make something beautiful for your walls.

     Email me, and let's get out there! - Jody 



Partial Client List


Columbia Sportswear


Hobie Sunglasses

Ocean Pacific

Victory Wetsuits

Adventure 16


Spot Sport

Thugg Boots

Alamo Rent-a-car

IGM Beach and Street

Action Sports Retailer Magazine

Dogster Magazine

Orange Coast Magazine

Art of the Heart

     Jody Marcon is proud to be a mentor and the official photographer for the non-profit organization, Hitching Post Ministries.

     "The purpose of Hitching Post Ministries is to provide positive mentoring relationships through a ranch lifestyle. Our vision is to create opportunities for individuals and families to participate in sessions that bring restoration, hope and healing. With each session, an individual will be paired with a qualified mentor and horse that allows them personal attention to assist them in navigating life’s challenges."  - HPM

     They say a photograph is worth 1000 words, so what better way to explain what "mentorship through natural horsemanship" is all about?  It's been a labor of love getting to know the folks at Hitching Post Ministries and the amazing work they are doing there.  I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of such a healing ministry.  A percentage of all profits goes to this wonderful "ranch of rescued dreams".