Your best friend doesn't have to be human. 

Let's capture your amazing relationship with your horse at the stable, on the trail, or at your event. 

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Welcome Horse Lovers!

Your photography experience will be completely customized for you and your horse.  Let's put our heads together to create the art that you have imagined for your walls. 


Here are some ideas for South Orange County:

1) Portraits around the stable.  Arenas, stable structures, or even barn aisles work for great portraits.

2) A ride to the creek.  Moving water and wild shrubbery make great environments for lifestyle portraits.

3) A ride in the hills.  Let me hike with you up into the hills for some of the finest locations to photograph horse and rider.

4) At your show or competition.  I absolutely LOVE to photograph you and your horse in action.  Sign me up!

5) Holiday photos with your horse.  Let's put a festive wreath or scarf on!

6) Memory session.  Equine Portraiture for horses over 24 years old, or terminally ill.  I can come over ASAP.

7) I am available for commercial work as well!

Your Creative Session Fee formally books:

 - Pre-consultation and Artistic Vision appointment, in person on location, or by phone

 - Photography Session

 - All editing and retouching

 - Private viewing and ordering appointment

 - Hand-delivered Artwork

 * Session fee does not include digital negatives, prints or products.  Only purchase what you love!

Preparing for your session:

What will you wear?  Hair, make-up, etc.?

What tack will your horse wear?  Will you schedule a braider?

Start getting your horse comfortable in the location where photos will be done.

Day of Session:

Prior to grooming, make sure your horse is worked down.  Think about enlisting help to groom your horse while you are getting ready.  We will be patient, take our time, and have lots of fun.  Remember, I don't have a horse, so I will be falling in love with yours.

Factor in time after the session for lots of love and treats.  It will probably be about dark by then, so maybe order in dinner!

Private Viewing:

Images will be ready for viewing in 2-3 weeks.  Relax and know that you only purchase what you love.  I will come to you.

Please contact me for customized session ideas and pricing guide.